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Maybe it is Crandy messing up your display. Or the ghost of Crandy. Iew.


CrAndy is totally f'ing with you. Has he not been banned yet??!!!


Ok, so I have nothing to do this weekend. Can you call me when CrAndy makes an appearance so I can rush over to witness this freak myself?
I must know what CrAndy looks like.


Luckily, I am not at work this weekend. So it's a CrAndy-free Friday and Saturday. Husband and the Petrels were there yesterday for a special storytime, and he still has not had the pleasure of spying The CrAndy! He's so ELUSIVE!


Yeah, I totally need photographic evidence of CrAndy. Not because I don't believe he exists (tho, I am a known skeptic of various things). Maybe you can sketch him...

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