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Genius!! Seriously, you just made my day.


You. are. awesome.


It's moments like these i remember why you've been in my life this long


Ok, I just played the song in the background...and there is no way you wrote that! That is scary good.. Favorite lines:

"I don't got the bright spell, I got the right spell.
I don't buy out the trolley, I bought the Hogwarts Express,
I got the right robes when I dress,"


Vizzini does not plagerize...librarians don't violate copyright yo. It is a HP Original comin' at you LIVE from ATL!


holy shit.
this NEEDS to be recorded.


jesse you know my taste in music. but i just had to hear it the way you're hubby did. so i spent the 99 cents in itunes to download it. and loved your version. unfortunately, that was probably the last time poor mr. jay-z will be played on my computer. but props to you. ;-)


I'll totally buy you a tacky magnet at The Dollar Tree to make up for it.

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