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Another t-shirt possibility:

"Say It Loud" (front)
"I'm for Barack and I'm proud!" (back)

Yes? No?



Um...member when we used to go to friendly's and speak in british accents to margarite?


You could also do "Once you go Barack, you never go back!" But in order for the rhyme to work, you have to have a Schwarzenegger "I'll be BACK." Which doesn't make sense...b/c my beefy governator is totes he wouldn't be saying "Once you go Barack, you never go back!" He'd be saying "No McCain, no gain!" So maybe "Once you go Barack, you never go back!" doesn't require a t-shirt. Or even a bumper sticker for that matter. But it was sort of funny. And clever...


Even my die-hard (read: ridiculous) republican brother-in-law is voting for Obama.
Time to break the chain of old white dudes in the old white house (and that mccain is bat shit crazy! My parents used to live in his building in DC. Straight talking express my patoot!)
I think all politicians are full of it, but at least Obama inspires change and progress.


Meatpie! Meatpie! Meatpie!

Bryan, that was exactly what I was referring to! Oh man, and we used to make her memorize our names and repeat them back to us. Poor Margarite. Wait...didn't we just give her that name? It wasn't her actual name? But here's the thing-Margarite LOVED it and we were messing around together...with friends, whilst eating Jim Dandy sundaes. And remember she had that "ask me why I'm smiling" button? Ahhh...those were the days.

KylieBob? I think I like your suggestion BECAUSE it doesn't rhyme. That kind of makes it hilarious.

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