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That really is amazing. I never got to talk to my grandpa very much about his role in the war - he was on the USS Helena at Pearl Harbor - though my sister did. By the time we were old enough to be curious, it was very difficult for him to talk about those memories.

I'm so excited to hear about Grandpa's reaction!! and to hear you do his voice, which might be one of my favorite things ever.


what a beautiful tribute to your grandpa. I feel honored I have spent some time with him and look forward to more visits!
I don't find it surprising that German civilians didn't know. Human beings have an amazing ability to not see what they don't want to see. Denial is very powerful. We're bombarded all the time with horrible news, but very few of us do anything or change our way of life to make things better.
And yet, I'm still an optomist and have faith in us people!

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