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I still totes have said toe condom and will happily photograph it later for you to post here. It was pretty amazing.

You neglected to mention how your initial fear of the group rides made you throw yourself sprawling in the bottom of the tube and force me to scream "I'm still here!!! I'm still here!" as we plummeted through the dark to the sounds of your whimpers. Or something XD


Edited and updated for your reading pleasure. And please excuse all typos and spelling errors...the library computers are FULL OF FAIL and typeapad takes SOOOO LOONNNNG to open on them, that I just gave up.

Fucking computers.


For serious, I almost pooped my pants while reading this post. So freakin' hysterical. Also? Kinda re-lived the horror of the scratch story. Gave me the heeby-jeeby shakes again.


hahaha - one of your best posts me thinks.
also? this is the 3rd time this week a reference to "toe condom" has come up in my life.

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