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Oh how I wish you would have asked the bikers about their Pirate affiliation!
I'm going to have to be a Debbie Downer and advise against the tattoo, but if you HAVE to get one, go with skull and crossbones. Copying a movie character is just weird.

Surly Librarian

Jess- I have so much to tell you.. neighborhood pirate bar and gossiping with Demi Moore.. i will write soon! Hope you are well.-Courtney


NO WAY! You totally met Ashton and Demi didn't you? DIDN'T YOU?! Must write me immediately.


tattoos are hot. well, most tats are hot. no, make that, some tattoos are hot.
I think you should get "I [heart] Johnny" in script on the inner part of your forearm. Danny won't be upset with that, right? I bet that's the only tattoo he'd really enjoy, actually.

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